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Nice to meet you♪ and Japanese drinking customs

Hi! Every one:) Nice to meet you. My name is Yuria Tajima, I’m junior in Kwansei Gakuin University. From last August to this May, for ten months, I had studied in Nebraska Wesleyan University as an exchange student. Studying and living in another country with students from several countries was a memorable experience! I’m glad to contact and share opinions with you guys, students from other countries. This time, I’m going to introduce Japanese drinking customs.When I was in America, I heard that college students don’t drink with professors. In Japan, it is quite common to drink with professors.When we, Japanese college students become junior, students who have same interests study making a group which is called “ZEMI” in Japanese( seminar in English) to research for graduate thesis.Our ZEMI members study about English education.Our ZEMI has a drinking gathering once in a month, of course with our professor.Sometimes, we drink with seniors. It is a good time to talk with them to ask questions about anything we don’t know about research, college life and job hunting (we will have a job hunting from this December) and have a good time.This picture is a first time drinking gathering after I came back from USA.


It was a good time to know each other drinking and having fun!

And Japanese drinking style is a little bit different from one in USA.First, Japanese drinking age is 20. And in most of Japanese drinking restaurants, we are not required to show our ID, like in America. In convenience stores, we are required to do so but I have never been asked to show my ID when I went to restaurants.And We Japanese enjoy small meals with alcohol. There are lot of kinds of drinking restaurants which is called “Izakaya”. Basically, most small meals served in Izakaya are similar,however each Izakaya has its own characteristics. For example, Toriki and Torinosuke which are  located near the nearest station from our university have a lot of kinds of yakitori, char-broiled chicken.

Here are Toriki’s menu


Along with this kind of Izakaya, there are several Izakayas which have different types of characteristcs.

And  I heard that American drinking places don’t have free refills system though, Japanese Izakaya has free refills system. It costs around 30 dollars in Japan. When you come to Japan, try it☆


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