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High School Baseball

Hi, I am Sora Maeya. Nice to meet you.
I will talk about Koko Yakyu in Japan. Koko Yakyu means high school baseball championship.

Every summer people in Japan get excited at watching Koko Yakyu. The reason why we get excited is that all players playing seriously to be a champion in Japan move us deeply.

There are about 4000 high schools around Japan to participate in this championship. Only 49 prefecture champion teams can play in main tournament. To play in main tournament they need to become a prefecture champion, so playing in main tournament itself is very difficult. So becoming a Koko Yakyu Champion is like players’ dream.

Watching future pro players is one of the reason many people watch Koko Yakyu. Many Major league players like Ichiro Suzuki , Yu Darvish and Hideki Matsui played in Koko Yakyu championship.

If you come to Japan, visit in summer and watch Koko Yakyu. I’m sure that you get excited. And you may be able to watch a future major league baseball super star!!


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